Since a couple of days ago, I have been hearing some animal walking on the ceiling above my bed at night. I listen to the sound carefully. It’s not noisy but definitely something is walking there and it is not a small animal like a mouse. I guess it is not a cat, and it might be a masked palm civet or raccoon dog. I raised my big voice to scare him, but it didn’t work at all. It was the fact that there was a mysterious animal in the attic (on the other side of the ceiling) which scared me a lot and got rid of any drowsiness. I wondered what I should do and I decided to go to the town hall to consult about it. Today, I went to the Industrial Environment Division in the town hall. The person I talked to said that he knew a professional vender but it would cost a large amount and what he suggested was that I set a trap by myself and let him know when the animal is caught, he would come to take it away. It would be a big challenge for me to set a trap and catch the animal alive! Since I showed my hesitation, he said to me to wait there and came back with another person. He was a specialist of animal capture. He kindly came to my house and took a look at the attic with a flashlight. He said there was evidence that some animal came into my attic from a small hole in the wall. He also said it is not a good idea to set a trap in the attic because the animal is willing to come to the food in the trap, so he found the place to set a trap back in the house. I put two pieces of apple as bait. Well, I wonder whether the animal which came into my attic without my permission will be caught?