The Clown Talk and Performances at Taga Asahiya will be in a week. We have more space in the performance at 18:00 and you will get better seats. Please reserve the tickets. 

     You might wonder what Theatre Clown is ? What do we see on the stage of the Clown Show ? Is it for kids? Is it the group who do pantomime? Do they show us juggling? Oh, there are so many things we don’t know ! ” Seeing is believing”. Please come to see their performances. I wonder what you will think of the clown’s world created by Rone & Gigi who trained as professional clowns for many years. You might discover for yourself something which you haven’t expected before.

    I have a little clown doll which I received from my acquaintance several decades ago in Europe. It’s a strange feeling because I had no expectation of crossing paths with clowns at my cafe. Red nose, big shoes are the trademark of Clown. Here, a waterbird is listening to the music of a little clown playing music by violin. The Clown exudes an air of warmth and gentleness.