About a week ago, I found two small honeycombs outside of the windows of my house. Since then, I have been thinking what I should do about them. When I go outside from the back door of the house, a big black bee is flying around there, I guess one of the honeycombs must be his (or her) house but I haven’t followed it yet. There was a bee stuck on to the smaller honeycomb without moving, so I have been thinking the bee has already died but this morning it changed its position and something greenish came out from the bee and stayed there. It is still alive! I don’t have such a gentle mind that will keep the honeycombs there and watch the honeycombs become bigger. I really would like to take them off and be relaxed, but I don’t know how I can take them away. It seems that I can take them out by hand easily, but I think I should be careful. According to the net info., just after sunset is a good time to take honeycombs, but I am still afraid of the bees attacking back when I spray insecticide over the honeycombs. The insect repellent which I made yesterday doesn’t work yet. I would be grateful if someone could give good advice on how to remove them for me.