毎年お願いしている造園業の方が庭木の剪定に来てくださいました。低いツツジなどは自分で何とかできるので背の高い木を主にお願いしました。チョンチョンチョキチョキ… 耳に心地よい音です。枝葉が伸び放題で行儀の悪かった木々がさっぱりとまるで散髪後のように涼しげになりました。緑の中に紅一点のモミジも(べニシダモミジと言うらしい)枝が整理されて後ろの石灯籠が見えるようになり嬉しいです。




A gardener whom I have been asking to trim the trees every year came today. Mainly I asked them to trim the taller trees because I think I can manage the lower ones by myself. It was nice to hear the trimming sound with their pruning scissors. Branches and leaves which were overgrown and unsightly were cut nicely and they look so fresh and cool as if you see someone who has just had a hair cut. The branches of BENISHIDA-MOMIJI (Acer palmatum) which is the only red one among the other green trees were pruned. As a result I am able to see a stone-lantern which is in the rear of the garden through the branches. By the way, the honeycombs which were giving me trouble were taken away by a kind man and I was relieved but my worry didn’t end. I found another honeycomb which looked very different from the previous one. I saw bigger bees come and enter this honeycomb. My worry started again. This morning I showed it to the gardeners. When their trimming was over, I saw the honeycomb was in a plastic bag with a broken shape. I knew that the gardener removed it for me. What nice people they are! I learned that the previous honeycomb was a paper wasp’s nest and the second one was a hornet’s nest. I was a little scared by these two consecutive experiences with those honeycombs, but all was settled by getting peoples’ kind help. I truly thank them.