Fortunately it was very light rain and the Noh event was over successfully with many people in the audience. 

 In the first half, two of the Noh actors, Hisa Uzawa and Hikaru Uzawa explained clearly the characters, relationship between characters, movement on the stage, effect of the instruments. Audience had a chance to sing together with the most emotional part in the play. They seemed very pleased and excited. Three players explained about their instruments.

In the second half, we watched Nonomiya, whose main character is the same as Aoinoue. 

It was a very valuable experience to watch Noh actors showing their dance and singing in front of the audience. Noh actors and players said that they were also very happy to get a good reaction from the audience. 

I, as an organizer, would like to say thank you to both the excellent Noh players and the audience who came to the cafe for the event on such a rainy day. I also would like to say thank you to the staff who worked very hard to set up for the performance and cleaned up after the event. Without their help, I could not have had this event. Thank you so much!