It’s been seven years since I started the cafe in an old folk Japanese house which I grew up in and had been empty for thirty years since my father passed away. I have received various help and support from many people since I came back to my native town, Taga in Shiga prefecture. I have no words other than gratitude to those people.

    Since I had no experience opening a cafe, I learned the way of making coffee and Japanese tea, baked Mochiko cake which I learned and arranged from a person in Boston who made from Mochiko (sweet rice powder) and sold it at Boston Japanese School, prepared Inari-Zushi (vinegared rice wrapped in deep-fried bean curd) which I often made and brought to the students party, and I also prepared Amazake (sweet drink from fermented rice) from friend’s malted rice shop. It was a very simple start. After that, I gradually added new menu items and recently I began to serve lunch or box lunch ahead of reservation.

    My friends made a new brochure for my cafe and a menu board outside of the cafe. I also bought a poster frame and this sits near the entrance. I decided to raise some of the prices because of recent raw material prices rising.

    I would appreciate your continued support. Thank you very much!