『おじさんのかさ』佐野洋子 作・絵/講談社


We flip the calendar and July starts from today. I am scheduled to give four storytellings at elementary school and two at junior high school this month. I appreciate having these opportunities although I feel my skill is not enough. Today I was assigned for the third grade. When I entered the class, I recognized some familiar faces underneath the masks whom I met last year at the second grader class. I chose ” Mister’s umbrella” story and illustrations by Yoko Sano. He looks like an English gentleman with a fine mustache and his eyes above it were drawn very expressively. Since the pictures and story fit this rainy season, I was sure that it would amuse the kids. When the children saw the book, some of them said ” We already know the story.”. I said “Really? When did you hear it?”. “Some time ago,” they responded. I checked the recording notebook beforehand and there was no name of that book. I was a little bit hesitant but continued, “OK. Then listen again. Did you bring your umbrella?”. I guess their teacher probably read it for them recently. I am afraid that this kind of thing will happen again but it is more hard for me to choose two possible books just in case.