I finally made a visit to the Ukiyoe exhibition of Dr. Yoshiki Fujiseki’s collection who is a director of Fujiseki Clinic in Takamiya. The last time when I visited for the first exhibit, it was displayed at the level of one’s eyes but this time the place was taken by photos of fireworks and the exhibitions were placed much lower which I needed to crouch down to look at. Anyhow, I could appreciate two woodprints. They were “Extermination of Measles” and “Firefly Hunting”. According to Dr. Fujisdki’s explanation, Japanese people suffered from infectious disease several times in the past and every time when it happened the coping method or curse were published in color wood print. The boy who has pockmarks in his body (might be a parody of Shuten-dooji :mythical Japanese demon) is being attacked by several prohibitions such as sexual indulgence, bathing, drinking, and so on. The other one is people are enjoying catching fireflies at the riverside of Otonashi-river which is famous for viewing fireflies in the Edo period. This area is away from the center of Edo (Tokyo) with a natural environment, so many writers and artists had their second houses or retirement houses. That’s what Dr. Fujiseki explained. It’s funny to look at how the lights were drawn like bubbles and man tries to catch fireflies even though he fell on his backside in the river.  I often saw drawings of heroes beating the bad guys, but I feel strange to look at this because many prohibitions are beating the boy and heroes don’t appear at all. I guess nobody didn’t know who the hero was then. It is quite the same situation at present. Nobody knows what is the best thing to beat coronavirus.