Although it didn’t snow, today was an extremely cold day. It probably easily got down below 0℃. A customer who visited during the day and took their seat in the Japanese room said ” Air ventilation is working well, isn’t it?”, and I said ” Cold air is coming through windows, because it is an old house,” feeling sorry. In a way, it might be appropriate (for preventing coronavirus) these days. Today, Ms. Y.N, who gave me Mube last year (see blog on Nov.7 2020) , brought Citrus maxima. She said that it was not a big one, but it is a perfect size to display on the counter of the cafe. The small sake bottle beside it is from the time when my great grandmother and grandmother were running souvenir/liquor shop for years early 1900s and they were selling Enmeishu (lit,life extension sake) in this container. About three years ago a customer came to my cafe to give the container to me saying it was probably ours because the name of Taga Asahiya was on it. I guess in the old days, a person who visited Taga-Taisha (shrine) bought Enmeishu at my great grandmother’s (or grandmother’s) store for his/her souvenir and later the container traveled to an antique shop for some reason, and took a place on the shelf in the shop. It was bought by the collector and stayed at his house and finally brought to the original place. I was very surprised by the container’s story. Several same size containers were left in my house but this is the only one which has the name on, so it is a very special and precious container.