Mr. & Mrs .A from Hikone came for a third visit to the Bokuga (Sum-ink painting) Exhibition by Sunao Yokota. Everytime they come, I receive delicious food homemade by Mrs. A and today she gave me beautiful Japanese sweets. They were chestnut sweets which suit the deep Autumn season. There were chestnut drawings on the container. I thank her for her consideration. I could easily guess that she took a lot of time to make such beautiful sweets. The big chestnut was like the French sweet, Marron Glace and it had a deep and rich taste. The other one which seemed to be a mushed chestnut had a sophisticated chestnut taste and melted away in the mouth. Both are well made sweets which would put a professional to shame. After closing the cafe and giving take-out Bentohs to a customer, and eating my supper, I enjoyed these sweets. Yokota’s Exhibition will be until 28th. There are only a few days left. Ms. Sunao Yokota put all her energy into shading of Sumi ink and it is her original world. During this beautiful exhibition, a deep and calm time is passing by at the cafe, Taga Asahiya.