Every year, Dec. 30th is the day of Shimenawa decoration for the new year along the Ema street (main street in Taga and approach to Taga shrine). Shimenawa is sacred rice straw ropes. Because of the heavy snow, the activity was cancelled last year, but this year, it was scheduled again as usual.

    Eight a.m. was the starting time, but people came out earlier and started working, and it was also as usual. We first set two or three bamboos at the side of the house, and tied rope with them. If you were aged and living alone, a couple of people came and helped. Since I was taking time working on this because I didn’t get the way very well, and needed some help from them, but this year I could manage everything by myself. I put the straw and Gohei (strips of white paper which is used in Shinto rituals) into the straw rope every space, and stretched the rope in the end. 

   Preparation for the new year on the street has been done. It looks pretty good and I like it.