Mr. N stopped by the cafe just after opening, and let me know that Ms. Yui Ohasi, a swimmer from Hikone in Shiga, got a Gold Medal in the 400m individual medley. What exciting news it was! I clapped my hands to congratulate her. Actually I did not know about her until Mr.N told me. The Olympic games have just opened on the 23rd but since I don’t have a TV at home I have no chance to watch any games live which is too bad. When I hear the result, I am able to watch a video clip on Youtube which is still fun. It was a great achievement for her to get a Gold Medal among other super powerful athletes from all over the countries. I heard that Y.Ohashi learned swimming at a swimming school, and this is very different from myself, since I was raised in the countryside village with no pool in both elementary and junior high school. I appreciate that I grew up in the countryside which has a lot of nature such as mountains and rivers. However, there was no way for us to learn how to swim well by just playing in the river. I was fascinated watching Y.Ohashi’s swimming, who swims like a flying fish.