I remember that Japanese people had been eating Azuki (red beans) porridge on 15th of January, although most people rarely do nowadays. I made it following the recipe from the net. According to net info, it is from an old Chinese custom to get rid of evil by eating red food like Azuki. When I was a child, my mom (or grandmother) put mochi (rice cake) in the porridge, too. Today I recognized that Azuki porridge is very good as well as red rice (steamed rice with red beans) which I like.

We had heavy snow from the end of the year to the beginning of the year and much of it has melted. Two days ago, it was snowy again but this time it didn’t accumulate that much. I opened the cafe expecting no customers on that snowy day, but a customer came in. Offering a kerosine stove beside the customer, I prepared Zenzai (a sweet red bean soup) and served it with very nice salted kelp. Then started small talk. I really thought that it was good that I didn’t close the cafe and had a cozy time.