そのマギーがこのほど母校の慶應義塾大学同窓会のニュースレターに寄稿文 (西東京三田会 News Letter 27 pp.11)を寄せましたので、皆さまにもご紹介します。クラウンとは何か、クラウンを志す理由などが書かれています。


    Performances of Rone & Gigi in Clown company Open Sesame have been held every November at Taga Asahiya and many of you have already come and enjoyed their show. There is another clown other than Rone and Gigi, and that is Maggie.

Maggie appears at the beginning of Big Ears Show to introduce Rone & Gigi and she also tells us the clapping timings, etc., so you must feel like ” Oh, I know her”. When Maggie does a solo performance, she plays a splendid and amazing clown which I like very much.

Maggie has a Masters degree and graduated from Keio University which is the most prestigious university, and she wrote an article to the newsletter on the most recent graduate’s association. I would like to share her article with you because it is wonderful. She wrote what a clown is and why she wants to be a clown, etc.

We will be welcoming Rone, Gigi and Maggie in Sesame this November in Taga, too. I am so excited to have them then.