Either because of this terrible hot weather or because of my age, or maybe because of both reasons, I am spending the days lazily even though I don’t like doing this myself. But honestly I feel tired these days. For example, yesterday after closing the cafe, I ate my quick dinner and refreshed myself to take a shower but still felt tired even though it was still before 7 p.m. So, I decided to go to bed much earlier than usual. When I woke up and looked at the time, it was before 4 a.m. I thought I’ll go to sleep again, but refrained from it because I wanted to take a look at the world without color before dawn. Then I changed my clothes and went out of my house in a hurry. I could see the thin crescent moon and Venus which was glowing strongly in the east sky, but everything was quiet and still dark. I went up to Taga Shrine to greet God first. It is a very rare experience to go to a shrine at such an extremely early hour. Walking through the shrine woods, there were beautiful clouds which were shining in red and I could see the strong light beyond the mountains which obviously indicates we expect the sun to rise shortly. The mountains were so dark and it showed a beautiful silhouette line. Everything was gradually receiving the light and got color.” The world without color before dawn” is a line spoken by Antigone in the French play by Jean M.L.P. Anouilh. A teenage girl, Antigone was amazed by the world without color before dawn, but I realized that it is a very short time before changing into a colored world. However, the fresh and cool air before the sun came up from the mountains still made me feel very good. I walked up to Kimagure-ich without any expectation but fortunately I found a big Kabocha (squash) and a pack of Japanese rice crackers in the vending machine. When I came home with kabocha and rice crackers, the sun hadn’t come out of the mountains yet.