After coming back from storytelling at Taga Elementary School, I was cutting eggplant for preparing box lunch which I already had an order for today, when I found an interesting eggplant. I bought it at a local vegetable market in my neighborhood which opens every Friday. I already cut the tip of the eggplant, but I couldn’t help but stop my cooking to play with it. I was holding and watching the eggplant to come up with an idea and a nice inspiration came to my mind. It was a face with a mask. A couple of days ago, I received a pair of hand-made summer socks from my friend and I used it for a hat. I know we have to cover our nose for protection from coronavirus, but I didn’t because I wanted to show off his wonderful nose. We have Mr. Eggplant who is protected sufficiently in our cafe and he is sitting in the guest room.