After closing the cafe, on a whim, I took a walk toward “Kimagure Market (lit. whim market)”. I wanted to get fresh broccoli but it was sold out and inside the vegetable vending machine was empty. I got tomatoes for 200 yen and strawberries at a discounted price of 350 yen (actually I put 400 yen into the machine and a 50 yen coin was stuck to the strawberry case). On my way home, I saw a farmer in his wheat field, so I said to him “it’s harvest time, isn’t it”. He came to me and talked about the growth result of his wheat. He said that due to the warm winter and the sudden snow in March, the wheat couldn’t suck up enough nutrition from the soil, and as a result there are not many fruits in the head of wheat. Since I couldn’t get the meaning of what he said, he let me show the difference between fruitful wheat and empty wheat. I really understand how the grain’s growing is sensitive to weather conditions. When I was a child, there were all rice paddies but now I see many wheat fields among rice fields. According to him, because of the rice production adjustment policy by the government a few decades ago, he has been growing wheat in some rice fields instead. I also was curious about whether these wheat will become flowers or beer. He said all of these will be flowers not beer. After I introduced myself to this kind farmer and thanked him, I looked down the way. There was a long slim shadow of myself cast by setting sun.