Typhoon #10 brought strong wind and heavy rain in our town early this morning and it made me worried about the cancelation of today’s storytelling at Junior high school. Fortunately it soon passed and I gave a story for the students as scheduled. I chose a local folk tale named “a couple crane” in Shiga prefecture. While I was waiting for the starting time, I saw some male students going up the stairs by skipping one step. It is always the same that boys go up like that, I wanted to applaud them for their energy as it is difficult for me to even come up to the J.H School which is on the top of the hill. On the way back home, I stopped by Taga Taisha (shrine). There is a water place where people clean their hands and mouth (purify themselves) before worship. Due to prevention of coronavirus spreading, it was closed by covering the area, but I found it was opened again but in a different way. We don’t need the tool for scooping water any more. I have been hearing “The head is not only for putting a hat on. (Use your brain.)” since I was a child. Indeed, I admired this smart way which is appropriate for the current situation.