Taga Taisha shrine festival was held on the 22nd under a clear sky for the first time in two years because it was cancelled last year due to preventing the spread of coronavirus. The main person of the festival was accompanied by 40 horses with people in a procession called “Batoh-nin” (Horse head man). It was Mr. Taizo Kimura who owns a fishing company which is well known as “sweetfish of Kimura”. (photo was taken by Mr. M. Kawagishi.)I have been seeing this festival since I was a child, but the one of this year was very special and had a big meaning to us who had been spending stressful days due to the coronavirus. It was not very crowded because festival day (Apr.22nd) was a weekday and many people didn’t want to be crowded places so as not to be infected with coronavirus. However, I felt people’s energy and wish to make the festival successful and complete the procession safely. It made people feel cheerful and it was very impressive to me. Hearing the sound of horses walking and watching quietly the well-ordered procession, I learned how these annual events cheer people up and are important.

    By the way, I found local Udo (Aralia cordata) at a vegetable stand near my house Friday. Since it was so fresh and long, I bought and cooked with some recipes from YouTube. There was no waste and I made four different dishes. They were so good and I enjoyed them very much.