クラウンデュオ、ロネ & ジージのクラウン講座と公演



    Clown lecture by Rone Takano (Clown Rone) and two Clown performances have successfully finished. I didn’t realize how important the way of thinking of clowns is in our daily life. I am not able to say it in short but I thank Rone Takano (Clown Rone) who talked about it logically and easily for us including various examples and movie clips. I am also very impressed by Clown Gigi who introduced one of the ways of communicating to other people. The next day, two Clown performances were held. The audience, consisting of small children to seniors, enjoyed the show. I could hear clapping and laughter from them all the time. They looked very relaxed and felt free despite the locked up feeling caused by coronavirus. I am grateful to be able to hold these fun events at my cafe.