According to the weather forecast, it will snow from late afternoon today, so I went to the library, post office, supermarket in Hikone and home center for supplying oil for the heater early. On my way back, since snow started falling, I wanted to hurry to go home, but I needed to be careful to drive a bicycle to not fall like my previous experience. Anyway, the news reported that 2,447 people were infected with coronavirus today in Tokyo. I wonder how high the numbers will go up. I know this pandemic will end someday, but I read that Spanish flu which spread around the world 100 years ago and it took three years until the end. Now that both medical technology and people’s health consciousness have gone up so much higher than those days, I really hope the peak of the spread will pass soon. Today is the seventh day of the new year. I made Nanakusa-gayu (rice porridge with the seven herbs of spring) and it made me calm down.